A Few Words About Me

Hey everyone! I am a keen surfer but to be honest I practice all the possible aquatics. And this blog I run for al of you who just like me have the same eternal problem with finding new awesome places to do the sports. I travel a lot across the world in search of the best places to surf, dive and so on.

Every time I find one, I share it with you guys cause I know how important this case is. Obviously, all over Europe we have plenty of places that perfect for my favourite disciplines of sport but the point is to find the one that is good enough and not so popular among tourists. As is known, if a place is good people know it so my aim is to find perfect places that people don’t know about it.

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So, as I’ve said, I keep travelling, searching, investigating, doing sports and sharing with you. So, this blog is to show you my favourite places that are not so popular but really worth checking out!

Things happens ;)
Things happens 😉

Now a few words about myself. As you can see above, I am a big aquatics enthusiast. My life-adventure with aquatics has started many years ago when my parents took me to Santa Monica, CA to USA National Surfing Competition to watch the sportsmen doing their best to become the winner. I was watching the people doing totally inconvceivable acrobatics. I had never wondered how it is to do such sports until then.

I was so full of admiration for them and I felt I want to do the same, wanted be like them! And well, few days later I started surfing and you know what? I wasn’t so bad! Moreover, it turned out I’m pretty good! Quickly I have visited all the finest destination throughout Europe to surf and I realized, I want something more. After a few seasons, I was simply bored with the same places all the time. And this is how it all started.